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Make strategic decisions with confidence

Forces.  Some are omnipresent; others arise unexpectedly. They come in a variety of forms: competitive pressures, regulatory changes, stakeholder interests, organizational dynamics. Forces can present business leaders with opportunities that can have a meaningful impact on the growth and direction of their company.

Trinity-Templar® works with business owners and CEOs at all stages of the decision-making process as they evaluate and execute on business strategy that includes acquisition and/or divestiture activity.


An acquisition can fast-track the growth of a company. But acquisitions can be complex and time-consuming.  Important steps in an acquisition include thorough opportunity analysis, in-depth due diligence, thoughtful negotiation, and efficient execution.  However, it is also a significant event for your employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and board.

As business leaders evaluate their strategic alternatives, Trinity-Templar® considers the big picture.  We take a comprehensive approach to understanding and achieving your objectives.  We advise management teams at all stages of strategic acquisitions and combinations.  We can also work directly with functional team leaders who will be responsible for the effects of acquisition as it relates to internal and external communications, product lines, marketing strategy, and organizational restructuring.

The success of a completed acquisition can be measured through multiple lenses.  Trinity-Templar®’s holistic approach to M&A advisory targets success from all angles of a transaction.  We place an emphasis on post-acquisition success by incorporating consideration for entity integration from the earliest steps of the process. After the completion of an acquisition, we can also advise on integration implementation steps.

Trinity-Templar®  provides comprehensive services in the acquisition of a company or a business unit:

  • Strategy development
  • Target identification
  • Company valuation
  • Deal negotiation
  • Due diligence
  • Integration planning & implementation
  • Funding solutions Learn more
Trinity-Templar® works with clients at all stages of M&A activity – from consideration to execution.


Whether you have been approached to sell your business or you plan to initiate a sale, an external, objective resource can provide the clarity and knowledge needed to optimize the value you receive for your company.  A successful sale of your company requires a clear strategy and being both operationally and financially prepared in order to best present your company.

Trinity-Templar® provides business owners and CEOs with a roadmap for a thoughtful, structured, and objective approach to the sale of their company.

Here are some of the services that we provide in the divestiture of a company or a business unit:
  • Strategy development
  • Business improvements/Positioning
  • Buyer outreach
  • Company valuation
  • Deal negotiation
  • Due diligence
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